Señor Frog's Ixtapa

Señor Frog's is like no place you have ever been to before! We are a casual restaurant and bar chain that offers its guests a variety of International dishes and drinks but specializes in entertainment. We have restaurants in various places throughout the United States of America, Mexico and the Caribbean with the two latest editions to our chain being located in Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada which opened in early 2012. We are proud of our original and unique concepts and designs which have made us popular with guests for over 20 years and keep them coming back for more. Señor Frog's caters to people of all ages and is a place for people who are laid-back, in search of fun and like to party, it's a place where you can expect the unexpected and anything can happen!

Paseo de Ixtapa S/N Manzana. 11 Lote 5, Centro
40880 Ixtapa, Guerrero
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Recetas de michelada

La veraniega

La veraniega, una variante de la clásica con lima, ideal durante el verano.

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La oriental

La oriental, una michelada chilena agridulce, con merkén, salsas de soya y ostra...

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La chamochela

La chamochela para los aficionados de la salsa chamoy con su michelada.

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